Bottles up!

After many days of vine maintenance, it was time to move on to the world of bottling. There was a ton to do, so we had to have all hands on deck. Even my dad (white shirt in the photo below) drove an hour south to help. The bottling machine is actually rented, so we only had a day to achieve our goal. It was Go! Go! Go! We had a lot to get done in a short amount of time.

In the foreground, you can see a pallet of wine bottles. Those bad boys are all empty, each pallet contains 1,800 bottles, and our aim was to finish bottling at least 10 pallets! This may sound like an insane amount, but time flies in the company of the Jung family. 

Periodically, Thierry would grab a bottle off the production line and pour everyone a glass. Now you weren't reeeeally allowed to take a break of course, so you would take all opportunities to snag small sips.

The welcomed break came at our French lunch: baguettes, cheese, pate, saucisson, and of course wine. The only way in which it wasn't French was the time allotted. Instead of stopping at noon to sit down for an hour, we had about thirty minutes while Thierry changed the cask from which we were bottling. But like I said, we had a set deadline.

By the end of the day, we had reached our goal. Tomorrow we get to resume our regular French lunches.